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Era Might

Death of Cardinal Wolsey

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Era Might

This is a great scene from the Showtime show The Tudors. I only saw Season 1. It wasn't supposed to be historically accurate, more like a soap opera adaptation of Henry VIII. But it was pretty entertaining. This scene is where Cardinal Wolsey is in prison, and is about to kill himself, and says his final prayer. (Warning: scantily clad ladies).

"Lord, we have not spoken as long or as often as we should, I've often been about other business. If I wanted forgiveness, I should ask for it, but for all I have done and for all I am yet to do there can be no forgiveness. And yet I think I am not an evil man, for evil men pray louder, seek penance and think themselves closer to Heaven than I am. I shall not see its gates Lord, nor hear your sweet words of salvation. I have seen eternity, I swear, but it was in a dream and in the morning all was gone. I know myself for what I am and I throw my pour soul upon your forgiveness in the full knowledge that I deserve none."

Another great scene, the execution of Cardinal Fisher:


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