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I went back to work on Monday and managed to stay all day everyday except Thursday when I had a short doctor's appointment that I worked before and after.  My insides feel like they used to - minus the ovarian cyst.  I don't know if I mentioned it but it had resolved by the time the doctor got around to doing the surgery.  It was there - we saw it on ultrasound - but it disappeared before she opened me up.  I was still having pain before and after the surgery which was discovered to be a worsening of my IBS-M.  I apparently have a very severe case now that I'm treating with an antispasmodic, a medication to improve gut motility so I stop getting constipated (apparently, that is what was causing the severe pain and cramping after the cyst resolved), and keeping to my low-FODMAP diet.  My GI doctor told me that ruptured cysts can wreak havoc on your GI system, so she wasn't surprised.  She was concerned, however, about my low appetite and told me to please call the office if my symptoms worsen.  Fortunately, the medicine has helped immensely.

Also, I just started on hormonal therapy again yesterday to prevent the formation of further cysts.  If I do not treat them, they will recur and I may require further surgical intervention which I absolutely don't want.  I am nervous, however, because my body has reacted terribly to most hormonal treatments so far besides Ortho-Evra (which is not available in the USA anymore and Xulane doesn't work as well; it made me a raging b*tch, too).  I've started on a treatment that is made for women with PMDD and has an active ingredient that is supposed to lower androgens in the body to prevent them from becoming testosterone and DHEA.  My DHEA count a few months ago was VERY high and Metformin wasn't helping.  Please say some prayers that this works so I can stay away from the operating room for a long time.  I've had 3 surgeries total in a span of less than 12 months.  :(

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