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Short video: Why remain Catholic ?- in the face of scandals

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We know that every baptised Catholic is anointed as priest, prophet and king.  These are our roles in our vocation whatever that vocation might be.  The office of priest, prophet and king will be largely determined by our life's vocation.

The following YouTube video is by Bishop Barron on "Why remain Catholic? (with so much scandal)".......around about 5.40, Bishop Barron begins to speak specifically about the office of prophet in quite practical terms.  But I found it worthwhile to listen to the whole video because it provides the context to understand our prophetic office and role.  It is only 8.11 minutes and well spent minutes in my book.

Israel and The Catholic Church have been dogged by unfaithfulness to God and scandal all their existence almost.  Despite all that, God has not abandoned His people. He has called them to repentance and He has purified them commissioning them to begin again.   What God has done for the big picture, He does for individuals in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

These current scandals are not new as scandals and issues of unfaithfulness...........but they are particularly horrific and repulsive in nature - and they leave in their wake terrible suffering of the innocent.

These scandals also call every baptised Catholic to do what they might be able to do, be it ever so small. It calls us all too to make every effort possible to ensure that in the future children are safe from such an horrific robbing of childhood by those called by God to protect them.  Personally, I don't think it is a robbing of innocence, for who can claim to be more innocent than victims of child abuse?



The same protocol is involved in writing to Pope Francis (see below) and your Bishop or any other dignitary in The Church.  At some point I will return to this thread and give info on writing to other members of our heirarchy......providing I can research who and their address details.



How to write to Pope Francis - address details.  It is important to read the whole article, it is not lengthy.  https://churchpop.com/2018/02/07/how-to-send-the-pope-a-letter-and-who-knows-you-might-get-a-response/


5 Steps to Writing to Pope Francis            Excerpt "Know the email address and fax number for the Vatican Press Office. If you would rather send the letter by e-mail or fax, you must go through the Vatican Press Office. The Pope does not have a personal, public e-mail address or fax number.

The e-mail address is: av@pccs.va[2]

The fax number is: +390669885373

Note that neither form of contact goes directly to the Pope, but correspondence you have for the Pope will get to him eventually when sent through either of these means."




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