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Traditional Catholic Counter-revolution

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I noticed one of the things they accused the Holy Father of was receiving the Mark of Shiva (or something like that) from a Hindu priestess, and they even showed a picture. Well, the Indian woman in question wasn't a Hindu priestess, but a Catholic laywoman. She was giving the Pope a traditional Indian greeting called an "aarti," which is traditionally given to the main celebrant at a Mass or to a child when he returns home from his First Communion. An aarti has no more religious significance than a handshake or a bow (if you're Chinese or Japanese).

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JPII Kissed the Koran!!!!
Oh no. God forbid our Pope has any tolerance and respect for other religions. After all, it's not like Allah and God are the same person anyway. /sarcasm


God loves heretics, pagans, etc. 

PA:48, 1978

Without the Catholic faith, it is impossible to please God. 

Paul III, D.787


Masons are sons of God the Father. 

LOR, 05/22/1984

The Masons are sons of the Devil. 

Pius IX, Sqa


Heretics are our brothers in Christ. 

LOR, 09/16/1980

Heretics are sons of the Devil. 

Clement I, EIC:42,46

God created heretics, pagans, and masons. Why wouldn't He love His own creations?


Jews are our elder brothers in the faith. 

CH:99, 1994

The Jews reject the One Faith of Jesus Christ. 

Gregory I, ETC

The Jews have always been and still are God's Chosen People.


Buddhism is a great religion. 

PM:147, 06/17/1984

Buddhism is a false pagan religion. 

St. Pius X, P:14

Buddhism is Christianity without the Christ. Basically, Buddhists preach the same laws of love and forgiveness as we do.


All men have a human dignity of equal rights. 

PP:478, 09/01/1980

Equal rights for all men is senseless. 

Pius VI, QA


All men are saved. 

LOR, 05/06/1980

All outside the Catholic Church cannot be saved. 

Eugene IV, D:714


Infidels can be saved for : "May Ghandi live forever!" 


All infidels are damned! 

St. Pius X, GOH:13



Anti-Christs have the human right of religious liberty. 

FCR:2, 09/01/1980

Only Catholics have the right to religious liberty. 

Pius IX, D.1690, 1699

Here they completely contradict themselves. Religious liberty is the right to have whatever religion you choose. To say that only one religion has religious liberty goes against the definition of religious liberty.

Guh... I don't want to go on. Most of this website's views are depressing. What ever happened to love?


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The Church has taught religious tolerance, which is not the same as religious liberty.

From the Denzinger Sources of Catholic Dogma, in the Systematic Index

[iI i]:

"... nor can [the Church] proclaim freedom of

conscience and worship [1690] (saving the

necessary tolerance of worships 1874)";

Here's #1690:

From Blessed Pope Pius IX "Quanta Cura" (Dec. 8, 1864):

"And, from this wholly false idea of social organization they do not

fear to foster that erroneous opinion, especially fatal to the Catholic

Church and to the salvation of souls, called by Our predecessor of

recent memory, GREGORY XVI, insanity; namely, that 'liberty of con-

science and of worship is the proper right of every man, and should

be proclaimed and asserted by law in every correctly established society;

that the right to all manner of liberty rests in the citizens, not to be re-

strained by either ecclesiastical or civil authority;

and that by this right they can manifest openly and publicly and declare

their own concepts, whatever they be, by voice, by print, or in any other way.'

"While, in truth, they rashly affirm this, they do not understand and note

that they are preaching a 'liberty of perdition', and that 'if human opinions

always have freedom for discussion, there could never be wanting those

who will dare to resist truth, and to trust in the eloquence of human (mundane)

wisdom, when faith and Christian wisdom know from the very teaching of

our Lord Jesus Christ how much it should avoid such harmful vanity' ".

(My emphasis in bold)

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