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Bishop Releases Radio Ad Stating No Catholic Can Vote 4 Obama

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Obama and Biden oppose same sex marriage.

Obama and Biden support Israel.

Both support social justice, but, as Catholics are not interested in social justice for the born, as opposed to the unborn, that doesn't matter.

Obama and Biden are not "pro-abortion".

The bishop is wasting his breath.

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[quote name='ironmonk' post='1688007' date='Oct 28 2008, 12:32 PM']It's not just one issue... it's specifically four - which are our priorities according to the Vatican/US Bishops for proportional reasoning in order...

[b]1) Life[/b]
[b]2) Family[/b]... No same sex marriage or unions.. Obama supports same sex marriage... Biden lied during the debate, I've seen the video of him supporting it.
[b]3) Social Justice[/b]... it is not social justice to give programs that create dependency on welfare - redistribution of wealth creates dependency. i.e. We should teach the poor to "fish" while feeding them, don't just endlessly feed them because they will not have an incentive to work.
[b]4) Global Solidarity[/b]... I'm pretty sure the anti-Semitic goals of Obama are against global solidarity.

I'm so happy with our Bishops and Clergy standing up to the evils which have filled the democrat party.

[b]Ecclesiastes 10:2[/b]
The wise man's understanding turns him to his right; the fool's understanding turns him to his left.

God Bless,

:bigclap: Amen! Thank you Bishops for speaking up!

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