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Sisters of St.Francis in Mitchell SD.

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 Was  looking into  or trying to do some family research on Yahoo Germany.Anyhow, don't know how this popped up, but there was a brochure on the Diocese of  Soiux City. In it  had names listed for various activities in the diocese and I found an order i have never heard of.The Sisters of St.Francis of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This community was founded in 1969 in Gettysburg ,SD.Later the sisters moved to Mitchell,SD. I assume they are teachers and did other work.How many sisters they had at one time I don't know.I just know they  have only three sisters from the photo i saw.  That's like the Sisters of Charity of Rolling Hills,California have also been around a long time since the late 60s, early 70s.They look like there's about 6 sisters or so.They do retreats and other things.

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