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Canine conundrum

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When I was discerning Religious Life, I had quite a social life and family life.  It was weird - even before I knew that I was about to find the Community God was calling me to, I started experiencing a detachment from them.  A healthy detachment. It was happening for months - so when it came time for me to really find where God was calling me to and then eventually, it was amazing how the Grace was there when I needed it!!!

So I encourage you to ask God to open your heart to His Will, giving you the grace for healthy detachment on all levels when and if it's time for that.  Jesus, I Trust in You!

If you are called to the Consecrated Life, then go for it!  It's an invitation to an exclusive LOVE RELATIONSHIP with GOD!  He can fulfill your desire for Love!

As a side note - sometimes God gives us the very thing we give up.  When we're willing to abandon all for Him, He cannot be outdone in generosity.  

Jesus, I Trust in You!

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On 4/10/2021 at 5:09 PM, floscarmeli said:

Thank you all for all of your thoughtful replies! 

All of your different perspectives have shown me one thing at least—that I may not be quite ready to make this decision.

I’m going to continue prayer, rest back, and trust Him. I’m sure I will know the answer in due time.

Thanks again!



Kudos to you for your self-knowledge and honesty with yourself! Those are two qualities that will serve you very well if or when you are ready to start discerning religious life more seriously. 

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