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Do you believe that little Colton Burpo met his older miscarried sister in heaven?

Dennis Tate

Do you think the near death experience testimony of little Colton Burpo was sincere and truthful?  

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I personally consider his testimony to be exceptionally impressive and sincere.

How in the world could a four, five, six, seven and eight year old child recount his brush with death in such a way that he challenges the theology of his dad and mom so powerfully?????

I personally believe that little Colton Burpo's testimony is sincere and impressive and as truthful as he humanly could do with what he was shown.  







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This is kind of a funny story.....

but I managed to get myself kicked out of  two Christian denominations in just over one month back in 1991..... because I could no longer go along with the Soul Sleep Theory as it was dogmatically taught by Pastor General Herbert W. Armstrong and his son Evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong.

I suggested to WWCG  Pastor G... M.... that he really should disfellowship me because I could not simply pray and pay tithes now that I had serious doubts about the understanding that we had regarding the state of the dead.  

In just over one month back in 1991 I got myself kicked out of.... disfellowshipped.... ostracized... shunned from the Worldwide Church of God and the Philadelphia Church of God led by Pastor General Gerald Flurry but.......

...... I am generally very thankful that the WWCG got me out of Atheism.....

and gave me a really good foundation for what I have been able to learn since I separated from the Worldwide Church of God.


I am ninety nine percent certain that Pastor General Herbert W. Armstrong and Evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong would love to be able to apologize to all of the Pope's of the last nine decades for calling Roman Catholics and other Christians under informed.... for believing in a rather traditional understanding of heaven , purgatory and hell.  


We all played with fire.... by thinking that our understanding of the State of the Dead helped to make us Worldwide Church of God members The Best of the Best of the Best of the Best of the Best......as Mr. Will Smith so brilliantly said that line in one of his movies..... "Men in Black" ......

Since those good ol' days the WWCG has made many positive changes....... and I am hoping that the PCG has also made positive changes..... (even though I am sure that both groups made very different alterations in church policy).....






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