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Should Christians Wear An Ankh?

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The earliest Christians didn't use a cross or crucifix as a symbol, they used the fish. I suspect that the cross was just too raw a symbol for the early church. Only when crucifixion ceased to be used as often, did Christians take up the cross as a symbol. There are many different versions of crosses used, many are culturally based. I have a Celtic cross in my home because my father was Irish. The Ankh was originally an Egyptian symbol, and Christians in that part of the world took it for their own. I have used it once in making clerical vestments. I had a new priest specifically request it as a symbol on his reconciliation stole. It had a special meaning for him.

There are many symbols that started meaning one thing, and then were converted to a different use, such as rainbows or swastikas. They can mean different things to different people, although the swastika has been permanently stigmatized. The important thing is why are you wearing it? If you are wearing it as a cross that means new life, or it belonged to or was given to you by someone special, that is a completely different thing than if you were wearing it as a New Age symbol.

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