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You Know You Are A Future Priest... (or Brother)


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You know you are a future Priest/Brother when:

- Your greatest joy in life currently is speaking with a Priest or Brother
- You stare at a Priest/Brother in excitement and try to gather the nerves to talk to him
- You constantly imagine yourself saying the Mass or living in community
- You can't wait to hear confessions
- Priests and Religious ask you frequently if you are thinking about it

This is all I can think of for now. Thank you for making this thread! I was thinking of doing it for a long time but I never did.

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[quote name='FuturePriest387' timestamp='1340130668' post='2446364']

- Priests and Religious ask you frequently if you are thinking about it

They don't ask me, they just assume :proud: It's like the nuns, priests and brothers also have "the look".

- when you serve Mass on sundays... twice
- when you already have a cassock of your own (to serve Mass on other locations, but hey, might be also usefull later on :clapping: )

- when you make your own surplice, because you want one with some nice lace.

- when people ask you how many years of seminary you still have to do.

-when people are very surprised you're even not a seminarian (yet :whistle: )

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I saw a documentary on TV about seminarians. One used to be a roadie for a band. He often boasts to people that he still has loads of beautiful women on his wall as a joke. Only the beautiful women are now saints.

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[quote name='BG45' timestamp='1340137524' post='2446414']
-You're at the bar giving pep talks peppered with Scripture while inebriated. (A friend who now is a Brother used to do this on rare occasions. He became an amazing firebrand while intoxicated and could recall Scripture better than when he was sober.).
Sounds very familiar in a way. I once met a few guys in the toilets of a bar asking me to pray. They were slightly "inebriated" :drunk: (and I was most certainly not). It was just plain awkward. They were standing in a circle, and as I recited the Our Father and the Hail Mary, they just repeated every line. And they thanked me afterwards! (but probably didn't remember it the next day). True story!

-when you rather write a letter to a nun in stead of study for an upcoming exam.
-when you are busy filling the entire you're a future topic on your own, and keep finding reasons why (come on, where are the other future priests?)
-when you start smiling when you enter a chapel and see the most Holy Sacrament in the monstrance.

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[quote name='FuturePriest387' timestamp='1340240754' post='2446895']
- There is a rumor around town that you are preparing for Seminary. That one really made my day yesterday. :dance:

-when people spread a rumour you illegaly wear a Roman collar to get you in discredit.
-when parish people complain if you put the altarcandles where they belong (not on the place where they "are used to put them"
-when you think every guy with a black shirt is a priest (and are dissapointed when you notice there is no collar)
-when you think you see some nuns, and are very dissapointed when they turn out to be muslimwomen
-when people call you Reverend, and you don't even correct them immediately :blush:

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-when you need an hour to get ready in the morning...because you have to squeeze in the Office of Readings and Lauds!
-when you mentally "collect bishops" whom you've met or spoken with.
-when you REALLY want to stop having to buy new shirts/pantaloons.

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-when you're ideal vacation is in a parish of priests you know very well or a week in their motherhouse :dance2:
-when these were the only sort of vacations you had the last years.
-when you happily volunteer to model some chasubles for inventory, just to know how they look on you.
-when people always come to you for liturgical advise.
-when you have friends who keep repeating you look so great in cassock.
-when your grandmother is cleaning up her appartment and gives you a lot of statues and images.
-when people are impressed by your way of praying.
-when you miss your stop in the subway because you were too concentrated on your rosary.

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You know you are a future priest when:

- When the old ladies at your parish are already calling you "Father"..
- When you sneak a moment to look through the Roman Missal and "practice the words"...
- When you feel amesome whenever Cappie likes one of your Phatmass posts.
- You usually stay away from Vocation Station because it's mostly women talking about discerning religious life..
- When you explore the sacristy and it's attics looking for old Chasubles/Cassocks/Other priestly stuff.
- When your nickname amongst your friends is Padre Dude. (It's a long story)
- When your dad proudly announces the fact to every person he introduces to you. (to your own embarrassment.)
-When you really really enjoyed reading through this thread, and cant wait for more...

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