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Julie de Sales

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Not trying to start any controversy, but my mother got an email from a good friend warning us of "static rosaries" a few days after I saw thread. I have read both sides of the issue online (which isn't always the greatest resource), and it also seems phony to me. Some people testify to have been caused harm from them while others claim that they are related to Medjugorje and people who were taking the physical rosary too seriously. Thoughts? My mother wants to ask our priest but I think it could be resolved easily by a diplomatic investigation and discussion rather than taking either side for their word.


What's a "static rosary"?

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Don't worry. This is a website created by a fundie. He also created other websites as well, that kind of all link to each other. He's just doing it to stir stuff up and lead you guys away from the Catholic Church. 


It's not your fault, it almost looks convincing. But it's not. It comes up every so often, like the Mary is god fiasco. 


Looks like it spread into other languages now. Clever, that. Funnily enough, I can't find the websites that connect together and are obviously made from the same stupid prottie.

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