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Pope Benedict Xvi Visits Harissa Carmel


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[center][i]+ JMJT[/i][/center]

+ Praised be Jesus Christ!

[size=5][url="http://www.discalcedcarmel.com/vernoticia.php?Id=3719"][color=#003D7A][font=arial]Benedict XVI visits the Harissa Carmel[/font][/color][/url][/size]

An old thread on them, [url="http://www.phatmass.com/phorum/topic/94141-carmelite-monastery-harissa-lebanon/"]http://www.phatmass....arissa-lebanon/[/url] Click on her pictures to see them larger. Also the video there is still on youtube, just a different link now. The little part on the Carmelites starts around 6:00 min.


I noticed their Habits were Spanish, so I did a little research and found [url="http://www.pgc-lb.org/fre/melkite_greek_catholic_church/Carmel-of-Theolokos-Harissa-Kfarmasshoun"]this[/url]. They were founded from Spain in the 1960's, I believe Barcelona, which itself was [url="http://www.diariodenavarra.es/20081208/navarra/la-carmelita-fundadora-navarra-sera-expuesta-al-publico-incorrupta.html?not=2008120801565935&dia=20081208&seccion=navarra&seccion2=sociedad"]founded by Sr. Catherine of Christ, OCD[/url] "a very great saint" - St. Teresa of Avila :saint:

They made a new foundation in 2005 which now has 36 nuns, according to what it says there. Also, they are both under the 1990s, [url="http://www.discalcedcarmel.com/index.php?Seccion=asiaodir&CodNacion=53"]http://www.discalced...ir&CodNacion=53[/url]

Praised be Jesus Christ! Now & forever! :pray:

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Praised be Jesus Christ! I was reading that Greek Melkite page again, as for a second there I was wondering if the 36 nuns where a total of both Carmels. Nope, it says Harissa has 25 and their foundation in Kfarmasshoun has 36, wow! I wonder where each of them will be founding next. Maybe in Lebanon again, but perhaps another country ..

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This is wonderful news to see more 1990 Carmels! Other than the Byzantine Rite (Carmelites in Sugar Loaf, TX, I believe they are?), I didn't know other rites had Carmels! Real dumb thought but there you go!

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The Monastery of St. Elie in Saint-Remy France is also in the Byzantine rite, [url="http://rumkatkilise.org/byzcarmel.htm"]http://rumkatkilise.org/byzcarmel.htm[/url] which miles Christi posted about here once. Their site: [url="http://www.monasteresaintelie.com/"]http://www.monasteresaintelie.com/[/url] They are Discalced Carmelites, I just checked on the official site, [url="http://www.discalcedcarmel.com/index.php?Seccion=europaodir&CodNacion=29&Li=40"]http://www.discalced...Nacion=29&Li=40[/url]

And I believe there is some other Carmel that is of another rite too that was posted on the phorum way back ..

Okay, it was the Carmel in Sofia, Bulgaria that was the first Carmel in an Eastern rite anywhere in the world, as it says in this video.


I love these Aid for the Church in Need videos! There are so many on Carmels too! :like:

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