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Ipad Mini Problem - Can You Help?


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Below are a three exchanges in the Vocations Forum. Rather than take the thread off topic, I am posting into Open Mic in the hope other members can help nikita92 with the process I suggested and also why she cannot have smilies on a IPad mini:




BarbaraTherese : Just in case someone wants to know how to create a link to an actual post.

  • Right click onto the post number in the top right hand corner of the post.
  • In the drop down menu, click onto "Properties"
  • Highlight and copy the "Address (URL)" this paste will link to the actual post involved.



nikita92 : Thank you Barbara Therese. I use a iPad mini...and don't know if it has the capabilities to do the copy paste ability. I know I can copy images. I don't have the smilies to add to posts either ;(



BarbaraTherese :I know little about computers really and what I do know has come through asking. I only know the process I suggested because I asked via PM someone who had put a link into their post to one of my posts on CA. - and it has come in really handy. Perhaps other members can advise you - or put a post into Open Mic including why you cannot use the smilies. You could experiment too initially to see if the process I suggested above works for you.

To be quite frank, I dont even know what a IPad mini is!!! :hehe2:

I decided to post into Open Mic for you in the hope some member will be able to assist you.

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Apple makes IPhones and IPads.....they are tablets...like E-readers. Mine is a iPad Mini...smaller more compact..it is a 64 GB. Any thing Apple makes is expensive.


Hi again nikita

You really have to forgive my complete ignorance.  I am now 67yrs of age and for quite a few years quite some years back had no home phone, no cellphone/mobile, no radio, no stereo, no TV - no nothing really.  Technology has left me completely behind and at my age it is just too hard to try to put more technology information into my head and retain it all as working knowledge - in fact I dont think I could if I wanted to.

The above is my usual long-winded way of saying that I dont know what an IPhone or IPad, nor E-reader actually is! :blush:


I am hoping that other members will come to your rescue and be able to answer your queries as in my opening post.  I wasn't going to let the thread go for too long with no responses without giving it a bump with some sort of useless post :sos:..............and if the thread lapses again, I will let it go for a while and then bring it to the head of the que once more with a something-or-other that will give it a bump.  I am really confident that other members can help.  It's just a question of the thread coming to their attention.

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Thank you very much, r2Dtoo.  I am hoping that this will be helpful to Nikita.  It does seem to me that possibly what Nikita now has just will not perform the things she wants to do as in my OP.

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