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Apostles Of The Interior Life—orthodox?


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Anyone know anything about this order? Are they orthodox? Do they provide good spiritual direction on their retreats?

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Anyone know anything about this order? Are they orthodox? Do they provide good spiritual direction on their retreats?


Yes! They are 100% orthodox and faithful to all tenants of our Faith. :)


My spiritual director is an Apostle of the Interior Life and has been a life saver to me in my discernment. 


More about them:


Fr. Salvatore Scorza (from Italy) is the founder of the Apostles of the Interior Life (male (priests and brothers) and female branch), and of the lay movement. 


In 1979 he received from his superior Cardinal Poletti the permission to spend two years in the States so that he could get to know the reality of the Catholic Church. In this occasion he got to know Susan Pieper in Napa, California, where he was ministering at St. John Catholic Church. That providential meeting with Susan, who at that time was a college student, was the beginning of the “new adventure” with the Lord : the foundation of the community of the Apostles of the Interior Life.


Foundation took place on the 12th of April (Holy Thursday) 1990 at the Church of San Silvestro in Italy at the Priscilla Catacombs in Salaria Street.


They are approved canonically by the diocese of Rome.


"Since then God’s Providence has opened the door for the AVI to be present on college campuses in the United States, including the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL; the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS; the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI; and Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. 


In response to the growing interest of many lay people to share in this charism, in 2009 a Provincial House was established in the Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS, to assist the recently formed movement 'Collaborators of Your Joy.'


The fruitfulness of this charism has also brought in recent years to the starting of the male branch of the Apostles of the Interior Life. By June 2012 the first 5 brothers had been ordained to the Priesthood,  thus bringing to fulfillment Father Salvatore’s inspiration to form priests to be exclusively committed to evangelization and to offering spiritual direction and Sacraments to those available to receive them."


They pray 5 hours of the Divine Office: Morning, Daytime, Evening and Night Prayer and Office of Readings, along with a daily rosary and of course daily Mass. 


They describe their charism as having 4 pillars. The Four Pillars of the AVI charism are Prayer, Community Life, Intellectual Formation and Apostolate. (http://www.apostlesofil.com/about/prayer-life)


The reason they don't wear a habit is because they are a "religious community more similar in nature to a Society of Apostolic Life than to an Institute of Religious Life," and thus the habit is not a requirement for their identity. During the founding of their community only twenty years ago, the discernment process led them "to this choice: to wear modest and simple clothes. The local authority of the Church of Rome blessed and supported the decision, giving canonical recognition to their Rule of Life." Even though as consecrated women “we are not of the World,” they nonetheless live in it. They witness Christ through their life, without any external visible sign, except for the joy of their consecration.


They currently have 6 young women in formation and 15 professed Sisters. 


All young women who join them are required to learn and be proficient in Italian and English. All Sisters are required to earn 2 BA degrees, one in Theology and one in Philosophy, usually from a Pontifical University in Rome. 


I love this order. I love my spiritual director, and I highly recommend their retreats and receiving SD from any of them! :)



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Amazing order. They do so much for us here in Kansas City Kansas. My first Spiritual Director was Sr Susan.

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