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On To Phase Two...


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Guest Allie

My archdiocese has a four phase application process for seminary. Last year I got through 1 1/2 phases and the decision to wait a year so i could get some thing s in order was made. I met with my VocDir today and the decision was made that we think I addressed the Archbishop's concerns over the last year. I'm receiving the second phase application and this next week hopefully will get all of the other interviews done with the Co-Director of Seminarians and the Vocations Committee, get letters of recommendation done ect. My VocDir is going to send in an unofficial packet to the Seminary (don't have final grades yet) to get a preliminary view from them if they would consider me for acceptance...All that said hopefully by mid-summer we'll have an interview and answer with the Archbishop for fall acceptance. 


It's been a stressful week with Finals, I have three papers left to turn in by Monday, but my spirits have been buoyed greatly this morning.

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