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Congregation Of The Penitent Sisters Of Our Lady Of Fatima


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This cloistered religious community of women was founded by Hermano Francisco P. Tolentino, FT, who felt the call to live a life of penance and solitude, living as a hermit in the hills of Ngaengae, Rosario in Malinao, Aklan which is also known of Fatima Hills.  His prayer and virtuous life has attracted the attention of the simple barrio folks.


In time, a group of young women began participating in his commitment to life of solitude, penance and prayer.  Br. Frank has no plans on founding a religious congregation of contemplative women since his plan is very simple; to live in the hills, live simple and prayerful life alone with God.  However, young women kept coming asking for his guidance since they too, share the same desire for a life of holiness in the wilderness.  


When Br. Frank decided to become a hermit, he presented his desire to the Local Ordinary of his diocese.  He also presented these Sisters to the same Bishop, His Excellency Most Rev. Antonio F. Frondosa.  Bishop Frondosa, in his paternal goodness, has supported and encouraged Br. Frank to continue guiding this group of sisters.  In July 20, 1960, the Bishop officially recognized the Institution as a pious union making himself the co-founder.


True to their name, the Congregation of the Penitent Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima is a community of women, professing a supreme and total love of God through the evangelical counsels of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.  They are devoted to a life of prayer, solitude and penance.  Our Lady of Fatima, in her message to the seers, has called for penance for the conversation and salvation of the world.  The congregation therefore, is contemplative and penitential in nature.


The Religious Habit


The sisters should value their Religious Habit as a sign of their consecration to God, as their witness to penance, to poverty and simplicity and to their being gathered as a family in the Lord.


The habit was made after dream visions were given to the Mother Superior and followed up with an instruction on how to cut, form and sew the habit.


The sister’s habit must be of ordinary material.  They shall not show forth worldly ornaments, which are not proper to the spirit of poverty.  The habit of the Superior should not differ from that of the other sisters.


The habit consists of a black tunic with a scapular of the same color, all of the same material.  A white cord from which a Rosary beads is suspended to hold the tunic.  A black veil, white guimpe, and a forehead band cover the head.


At their entrance into the Novitiate, the sisters receive the habit of common material.  It must be white.  The garb of the novices distinguishes them from the professed sisters.


The postulants are to wear a black dress that is simple and modest with a simple veil, also black in color.


Traditionally part of the habit (for the novices and professed) but not used daily is a long black cape.  The sisters now wear it only during the ceremonies such as Investiture of Novices, Profession of vows.


For manual and domestic works, they are to use their old and worn-out habits.


The sisters shall wear the habit inside and outside the Monastery unless, in the proper judgment of the Mother Superior and with the advice of her Council, some just cause excuse them.


The approved form of the habit must not be changed without the approval of the Bishop.


Regarding the sister’s use of footwear, in the pursuit of poverty and simplicity, the sisters will wear ordinary slippers.  However, sandals in plain and simple style may be used during festivities and ceremonies.




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Do they have a website?


They do not.  Those photos were taken from people and posted it on their blogs.  

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