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Daughters Of Divine Hope


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Their website might be being maintained by a friend of the community who doesn't have an eye for details or someone employed to do this who doesn't understand the correct terminology.


Apart from the "solemn profession" I'm intrigued that the novices became novices on 30th November 2013 and will make "first temporary profession" on the 22nd November. That's a week less than a year. The few orders I know who do a one year novitiate generally make sure it's 365 days minimum, and maybe it ends up a couple of weeks more.



I was thinking the same about your first point. 


And in canon law, having a less-than-365-day novitiate is possible.



Can. 649 Â§1. Without prejudice to the prescripts of â‡’ can. 647, §3 and â‡’ can. 648, §2, an absence from the novitiate house which lasts more than three months, either continuous or interruptedrenders thenovitiate invalid. An absence which lasts more than fifteen days must be made up.

§2. With the permission of the competent major superior, first profession can be anticipated, but not by more than fifteen days.

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Ladies, please continue to read this with allowing me some grace as I am as lay person as they come, but I stumbled upon this thread when doing a Google search for Daughters of Devine Hope and read it, then left it, then came back at least three times before deciding to reply.  Mother Susan Catherine is my mom.  Before founding the community and beginning the religious order she and my father went through the deaconate program and my father was an ordained deacon.  (Again, I’m sure to be making a mess out of the way this is supposed to be said, please forgive me).  My mother has led a life very close to the Lord and has been led to form this order.  Before becoming Mother Susan Catherine she was The Honorable Mrs. William C Kennedy, known to friends as “Judge Sue.”  She won her first term as Nacogdoches County Judge as a female, northerner (from north west Iowa, which equals being a Yankee around here), Catholic, Republican.  This was against a former state representative, good ol boy, from here.  She led the county through hurricanes Rita and Katrina as we were the first stop on the evacuation route into Texas but were hit harder than Houston with one of the hurricanes leaving us without power for several weeks.  She led us and the nation through the loss of the space shuttle which tore apart over our county on that Saturday morning none of us will forget.  As our town was quickly filled with news media from all over the world, my mom was unwavering in how our at-the-ready disaster response team of multiple agencies were to conduct the recovery mission.  Every morning, with NASA representatives present, mom led the group in prayer before beginning their briefing.  Volunteers, law enforcement from local to the top, and all kinds of agency alphabet soup met and with the utmost respect for the fallen, conducted a massive search lasting weeks.  My father was undergoing cancer treatments in Houston all the while she was handling these things.  She renovated the County Courthouse - something that couldn’t be put off because when the previous leaders converted the jail to office space they didn’t consider the fact the jail bars were load bearing.  She built Lake Naconiche, a lake that was to have been built 30 years earlier and had become a joke, “I’ve got some land I’ll sell you - there will be a lake built there and you’d have the perfect spot! Ha, ha!”  She balanced the budget and led the county with unwavering principles.  When she announced she was not seeking another term, those who didn’t know better thought she could be persuaded.  I knew she had already made every consideration and prayed and there was no other decision coming.  My father died in 2007 and my mother began visiting other religious orders, I’m not even sure how many.  I didn’t know she had in mind to join, she told us that once she already had developed the Daughters of Devine Hope and had gone through the process of having it approved (I know this is a large over-simplification here, but I lack the correct way to say it).  If it seems like something that’s just not done, you have now met my mom, a woman who is accustomed to doing what must be done regardless of what is customary.  Sometimes it is as simple as asking the right people the right questions, sometimes it’s starting and waiting until the obstacles show up and dealing with them as they come.  This time she believes she is doing the work she is supposed to do, the will of God.  She is very nice and loves to correspond through letters.  Any questions you have I know she would be pleased to receive and reply.  I suggest you write to her if you still have questions or are curious.  I can see it is very unusual for this to happen, and I can relate as it is unusual for one’s mom to be a “Mother.” Thank you for giving me some room to be dreadfully wrong in my way of stating the matters of the Church but I hope it is close enough to get by.  Blessings to you. 

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On 6/12/2018 at 12:08 PM, DameAgnes said:

Sorry to say this, but really...they look nuts with that lace. 

I’m not sorry to say I was surprised to find comments of this nature on this forum.  You look unkind with comments like this associated with your profile, which also represents your position, your order, your church. That may seem a bit defensive, but you’re speaking about my mom and know nothing of what the reasons for the habit or veil being the colors, fabric or design they are.  She wouldn’t be bothered by your comment, she’s dealt with much worse criticism from much louder critics, but I’m not as good as she is at ignoring things like this.  She would say, “now, what does that even matter?” And I’d not even need to reply, it’s understood that it absolutely doesn’t, and therefore no need to respond.  I’ll do better with that next time. 

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