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"what It Takes To Be A (poor) Friar Or Nun" In 3mins.

Poor Friars

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Peace and Good to you whom reads!
Have you ever wondered what it takes to Consecrate yourself to the Lord as a Poor Friar or a Poor Nun?
Here's a video of only
3 minutes that explains our Itinerary of Consecration to be perpetually Consecrated to the Lord!


We welcome you to write any positively sincere query here and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

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Thank you for the videos, Brother!

You're welcome "Poverelli" !
(I love the name! - after 12 years in Italy as a Friar, I came to learn that "Poverelli" is a very affectionate name for friars that are poor -

as I'm sure you very well know..!)

We have many more videos that can be found on the "povero povero" website we use:

Holy viewing and best wishes of Holiness,
Friar Antonio.


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