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What's It Like To Be Married To Jesus?


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This is truly excellent. Thank you. :)


Though I was interested to read her words that "No one is called to be all alone. Not singles. Not hermits..." It strikes me as interesting because I have met a few people who say they have a vocation to the single life (excluding consecrated virgins). And there are people around who just don't want to get married. I'm not sure if this is the same thing Sister is speaking about, but it did strike me.

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Having heard this particular sister speak about vocations before, she does think that singlehood is totally legitimate.  It might not be technically a "vocation" because vocations are supposed to be permanent, and if you're single-but-not-consecrated then MAYBE you'll be muddling along minding your own business and WHAM you fall in love and matrimony!  And that's fine and good!  So that's a different sort of thing than if you're in some sort of vows and then WHAM.


But anyway whether it's technically a "vocation" or not (let's not get too hung up on categories, so says me) I'm pretty sure that what she's saying is NOT that everyone needs to be married or a nun but that NOBODY, regardless of their state in life, is supposed to be isolated.  It's fine to be single, but single people are not all alone.  It's TOTALLY fine to be a consecrated hermit, but while they have a great deal of solitude, they aren't all alone either.  Solitude is not isolation.

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