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Sister Leticia

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This is a great article & well worth reading.  Thank you to all of the Summit OPs who allowed us to see a glimpse of your life.  May your congregation continue to experience new life in abundace!

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Earlier today I stumbled across @Sr Mary Catharine OP and her community... http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/06/fashion/dominican-nuns-of-summit-a-nuns-life.html?_r=0

Good to meet you and see you and your novices are thriving!

We are very lucky on Phatmass to have Sister Mary Catharine post here, since she is not only experienced in monastic life, and a respected Novice Mistress, but also a wonderful person! Phatmass and the Summit Dominicans have a relationship that goes back a number of years. In fact, as I posted earlier, Sister Maria Teresa (formerly Lauren) who was featured in the NYT article, was a member of Phatmass before she entered the Summit Dominicans.

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