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"Come follow me" Consecrated life today video


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It's a 20 minutes videos on consecrated life. Featuring : 
Orthodox monks 
Poor Clares sisters (Italy)
Protestants Sisters (Deaconesse of Reuilly, France) 
A chemin neuf priest (they produced the video)


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thanks for the video, i thought it was really interesting. Chemin Neuf has a lot of good video's at www.netforgod.com.

i'm very excited to meet them tonight! Chemin Neuf has a prayer group for students in my student town :)

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Just browse the "Net for god" site. There's so many video I want to watch ! There's one about Charles de Foucault, one about father Pedro, and another about Joseph-Marie Verlinde... I know what I'm doing tonight ! 

They're very dynamic. A little too much charismatic for my taste, but they have very cool songs. 

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have to say, they are a little too charismatic for my taste but i really admire their mission (unity between the christians church). They have communities where everyone lives together: married, consacreted single, protestant, catholic. That is incredible difficult and very beautiful. 

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