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Forgot to post this before but The Sisters of Life are so beautiful... :)   A bunch of them (2 mini vans full!!) stopped by my house unannounced on Sunday to see the place.  It was so cool!  

Got to give them a tour of the house, showed them our chapel, and then gave them a couple boxes of canvas Divine Mercy images that they can give to the young women who come to them.  And then, after all the joy they had already brought to us by showing up randomly, they offered to sing a Christmas carol before they left.  They chose "What Child is This".  Such a blessing... 

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They are!  I always love seeing them at the various large gatherings of Catholics (Divine Mercy Sunday at the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy, March for Life, etc) that I have seen them at.  They always seem very joyful.  Last winter I had the privilege of bringing some boxes of Divine Mercy images to one of their convents in NYC and one of the sisters whom I saw there remembered me when they came to our house which was really cool.  Honestly, it is just really beautiful to me as a man, to see and meet women happily giving their lives and hearts to God.  That would be true for me even if they weren't sisters, but they are, and I think they're amesome.  Such a gift.  

Julie...they had one of their postulants with them!  I have no idea if it was your friend or not, and unfortunately didn't get her name.  There were so many sisters and names to remember!   But yeah, it was a beautiful surprise visit   :)

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