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What a Trappist Wanted Said at His Funeral


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From the funeral homily for Bro. Felix Leja of New Melleary Abbey in Iowa. The homily was delivered by the abbot,Fr. Mark Scott:

I asked Br. Felix what he wanted me to say in his funeral homily. He smiled and said, "He was here, and now he is not."  

It's just so simple. 

(Full homily avaialbe here: http://www.newmelleray.org/newsindex.asp

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Two years ago when I was on retreat at New Melleray a group of four retreatants went to the casket shop/factory.  Br. Felix was getting ready to leave, but instead stopped and gave us a tour of the shop, explaining all the steps they took in making the caskets.  At the end he gave each of us a small wooden cross.  I will always remember his attention and kindness to us.  May God give Br. Felix eternal life and peace.

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I met Br.Felix a year ago.He wore John Deere hat.He showed us around Trappist Caskets and thought my name was Tut.He gave us a pocket cross and gave me a bunch to take back home and he and Fr.Alberic gave me a movie called One Thing:God Alone

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