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should baby showers women-only


should men attend baby showers?  

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Guys aren't into baby outfits whether or not to bring pink or blue party favors.    Some men would rather be out trying to make a buck to pay for the roof over his family's head and the like or drinking a beer somewhere else.  Not that men are not interested and vested in raising children.  



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No, because men will be bored or want to talk about a game.  And women want to talk about the future plans about the baby.

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Child of the child

Yes men at baby showers are amesome. I never understood why its a women thing. Dads love babies too. Its cool to be there especially being pro-life and seeing a mother get all the support she can possibly get. There is much more i could say about the beauty of a new born. All men should go and be involved

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I attended several baby showers.

Its not so much what you do, but who youndo it with.

But ultimately I would say the birthing person expecting should have the right to exercise his or her discretion.

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If it's a choice, why not? I can't imagine many liking it but I've been to many where the hubby comes toward the end, hangs out, has some food and helps take everything back.

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