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fides' Jack

I'm fairly certain they limit visits to potential members.  I will try to look into it more when I get a chance.

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I remember a Dominican priest on EWTN saying the debate was "silly" (my word, can't remember his) because it divides and reverence can be given both ways. He said the mouth is one of the dirtiest things humans have, we sin so many ways with it, the filth he hears come from it, the words, gossip, the sexual sins. Why would anyone think the mouth vs hand was more "clean". They both can be reverent. I always felt this way but hearing it come from such a reverent man who also did a Catholic Answer section back then, made me feel better.

He is correct that Catholics trying to always to things just right, sometimes forget the real way to be a Christian who follows Jesus. It's not the rubrics it's your heart, your soul.

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