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Tab'le De'Bah-Rye

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Tab'le De'Bah-Rye

Pax. Does anyone think some doctrine was for a particular time and now place. I'm just thinking of the world outside the church and them being damned but the protestants used to stand in direct opposition of the catholic church and preach against the church instead of myob and preaching the holy word, and in the west most pagans as far as I'm aware mind there own buisness and don't stand in direct opposition of the holy roman catholic church,l. So perhaps some are damned and some aren't, because in the bosom of the church is kinda like hugs not thugs perhaps, and they all used to thug us. 

 I get very dissapointed when my fellow catholics thug others and not hug, a thug is a thug no matter what denomination or culture, persecution is wrong.



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Jesus talked about hell.  Sadly some people need to hear it. Many people in fact.  

Persecution is wrong, but the fear of the Lord is not.  Some people even need to see hell in order to be converted...

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