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Emmanuel Community


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I presume you've checked out their websites? This is what their British site says: -

The Emmanuel Community is an international Catholic community recognized by the Holy See as a ‘Public Association of the Faithful’. It is formed of lay-people (including those committed in celibacy) and priests who together follow Christ in the service of the Church’s mission.

I've met some members of this community, including some married people - so they are definitely not religious! They also don't necessarily live in community together. My understanding is that they make a commitment to the community, and to whatever its way of life and spirit are.


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I had a look at the website because they are in Australia.  They are a charismatic community in Brisbane Australia too.  Even at 72yrs of age, I keep investigating potential options and because I am single celibate - I hold in single celibacy one remains open to a further call from God.   Must admit there would be a bit of mighty groan if God did so call. :)  However, I am neither charismatic nor a resident of Brisbane.



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Pretty sure I made a long post about them on the Phorum at some point...

Some fact, from a French point of view :

- they have been a very positive influence in the Church in France - gave us a good number of priest & bishops & commited young people
- their music is cool, and very popular
- their founder, Pierre Goursat, was very humble -some of the first members did not even know he was the founder. He's a servant of God, or a venerable (can't remember)
- they are responsible for the chaplaincy at Paray Le Monial where the Sacred Heart appeared to Sainte Marguerite Marie, so they have a strong devotion to the Sacred Heart. They really studied this devotion, also, to its biblical roots
- they put an accent on Eucharistic Adoration
- they are charismatic. Now, let me be honnest : there is a lot of charismatic community in France, and a lot of them have been problematic - cultish, spiritual/emotional abuse, etc. However, there have never been that kind of abuse in the Emmanuel Community. As a french charismatic catholic, I feel nothing but the spirit when I go to pray with them.

Their consecrated members makes private vows, and there is different living arrangement, way of life, etc... although most of the time it includes working for a chaplaincy, having eucharistic adoration every day, etc

Those are the first things that come to my mind, please feel free to ask if you have any question, I can search for you in the french internet !

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