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Carmel Saigon - A Mystery


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I was looking at images from Carmel in Saigon.   The only way you will find the images is to Google CARMELITE MONASTERY OF SAIGON. In the far right column you will see an image with the words SEE PHOTOS, click on to that.

  If you scroll through the images, there seems to be a statue or body of a Carmelite nun in a glass enclosure.  Can anyone please fill in the details for me?  The tiles underneath the glass enclosure are the same as in the Saigon Carmel Chapel, hence I have concluded, the glass enclosure is actually in the Saigon monastery chapel, not an image from elsewhere.  Since Saigon was founded from the Lisieux Carmel during the time of St Therese, I think it just might be a reproduction of St Therese of Lisieux at death?  It looks similar from the distance.

Thanks heaps if you can fill me in please ...........



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It is a replica of the original, see it here.... www.findagrave.com/memorial/21168112/th_r_se_of_lisieux

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