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Seeking information :Cloistered Carmelite's in Long Beach California


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Hello phatmass community! I am seeking any information I can get about how  I could find out where the  Long Beach Carmelites may have been transferred to when the Carmel closed down.  I found a thread on here from 2013 discussing a bit of the mystery on where they may  or may not have been moved but have hit a dead end.  The basic info is that they closed the monastery and it was bought by Buddhists. There's not a lot of info on where they moved to other than maybe dispersing to other convents/monasteries.  The reason I'm seeking is that my great-grandmother was a cloistered Carmelite nun who originally was at the  Old New Orleans monastery  in the 1950's and then moved  to the  Long Beach one. I can't seem to find where she was for her last years. I believe the Long Beach monastery closed in 1993 so that would mean that she moved a third time.  She passed away 20 years ago (1999) and is buried in the Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles so I assume she was living somewhere near that area. No one in my family knows any of the info for this time in her life and my Grandfather ( her son) is no longer with us as well who might have known. I was hoping to find a memorial or obituary for her, though I don't know if that's normal for the cloistered nuns, but it would be so nice to be able to read something like that if it's out there. Her name is Sister Mary Teresa of Jesus ( Rubye Simpson) and she originally took the name Sister Veronica of the Holy Face ( but had to change it when she moved to California because I believe the mother superior there had the name Veronica, but  I'm not sure on those facts.)  I've posted a photo that I have of her from her final letter to the family. . Thank you so kindly for reading and if you have any information to share or  how I could seek more information I would so greatly appreciate it. 





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While Sister Marianna was still a novice, the Carmelite community in Long Beach decided to close their monastery and disperse to other communities in the United States.

Also, you may want to write the Generalate of the Discalced Carmelites, since each Carmel notifies the Generalate in Rome upon the demise of the nun.  There is a link of all deceased friars and nuns but it only shows 2003-2017.  http://www.carmelitaniscalzi.com/en/documents/necrology_nuns/ 

Further, it was customary for  each monastery sends circular to all Carmels in the USA upon the death of a Nun but I am not sure if this was kept after Vatican II. 


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