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Gary david

I feel this is so wrong

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Just now, cruciatacara said:

She's at it again! Making this a very unpleasant place to be with snark. Out of this thread folks. 

Yes, leave the kitchen! The oven will be on all day! Lolllll. 

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That is so wrong, kneeling is used as a gesture of respect. This bishop's got some problems.

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fides' Jack
On 5/3/2019 at 4:08 PM, chrysostom said:

Slightly off topic, but my general impression is that it's impractical to have people both at the communion rail and also going up in a line. Either the priest is stationary or the people are. Hence why it's only really done one way or the other. But if someone wanted to kneel, but also did not want to hold up the line, or required the rail to assist kneeling, would it not be practicable to simply go to the rail and wait until the priest was done? Or do that but wait till near the end to do so? Have you ever seen that done? Anyways, just a random thought stewing. When you said "people still don't know how to use them" it made me wonder if you were referring to a case like that.

I was referring specifically to the movement of the line of people.  In our parish, currently, the priest stands behind the Communion rail, and (aside from the rare occurrence when my family is able to use it together) he still doesn't have to move.  That way people line up as they do in other churches, and the Blessed Sacrament is handed over the rail to those who wish to stand, and used for those who wish to kneel.  It really is the best of both worlds (even though the one world is far superior to the other).

We asked our priest, since we now have a small Communion rail, if he wanted us to kneel side-by-side in front of it, and he said answered in a way that implied yes.  So, we try to do so when we can, but most of the time the extraordinary minister who is holding the chalice prevents that by the location and direction of where they position themselves (while also making the whole line a disaster, anyway).  It shouldn't frustrate me, but it does... Why doesn't he just turn 45 degrees THAT way??!!

On 5/3/2019 at 9:51 PM, cruciatacara said:

Back to standing vs kneeling.When I traveled throughout Europe, I found many places where standing replaces kneeling during the Mass, including during the consecration. I still believe that reverence is in the heart so if someone stands instead of kneeling, then it is just as reverent. 

In very large masses, with many priests (such as at the Vatican), I have seen prie dieu set up throughout and people have a choice to line up for those to kneel or to stand in another line. I think too much is made of little things, and that helps to cause division in the Church.

I agree, reverence is in the heart, but if it doesn't follow in actions, it was never really there to begin with.  

It's kind of like modesty in dress.  An immodest woman might sometimes dress modestly, but a modest woman will never dress immodestly.

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