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A Few Different Intentions

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For the soul of J.B. who left this world on Monday, April 29th, at the young age of 23 after a sudden illness.  She left behind her husband and family who are, obviously, distraught by her sudden death.  She had been in the hospital for 2 weeks but had just closed on a house with her husband - their first house ever - and was looking forward to writing the next chapter of her life.  Sadly, she never walked thru the door of the finished house.  Her funeral will be this weekend.  Please keep her family and friends in your prayers.

Also, please say some prayers for me regarding my anxiety.  It is getting better.  I finally got a diagnosis of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and my psychiatrist and I are trying a new medication to help which I just started last week.  So far, it is helping me sleep better, which is great because I was having insomnia issues.  This medication is FDA approved for PMDD.

I am also struggling over anxiety about my upcoming residency for my Master's degree.  I have to go out-of-state for a week in a few months for my degree program and I have to do it by myself which I have never done before.  Usually, I have someone go with me or meet me on the other end, but no one is available to go with me so I am forced to go by myself.  I am working thru it with my therapist because I know I need to do it in order to continue with my degree program.  Please say some prayers that everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

Also, I wanted to update.  My post in December talked about my grandfather and his declining health.  Unfortunately, he passed away in January but he passed away with a smile on his face, so we know he went peacefully.  It's still odd to think he's no longer here.  He's the first family member I've lost, so it hasn't been easy.  It may take a while to completely heal.

Oh, and lastly, if you could pray for my right wrist, it would really be appreciated!  I have been seeing a hand surgeon about it who did some tests and found out I have severe tendinitis in it.  He did an injection at the base of my thumb on Monday which REALLY hurt BAD and it's been playing up with some weird "shocks" whenever I extend my wrist.  I think he may have hit a nerve when he inserted the needle.  I really hope it goes away soon.

That's all for now!

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