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Saint of Impossible Causes - St Rita of Cascia 22May

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22nd May is the feast of St Rita of Cascia and one of my "go to" saints for intentions.  St Rita was a wife and mother, single woman and then a religious.  Her story: https://st-rita.org/the-story-of-st-rita-of-cascia/


St. Rita of Cascia is the patron saint of impossible causes, sterility, abuse victims, loneliness, marriage difficulties, parenthood, widows, the sick, and bodily ills and wounds. She is also one of the Church's incorruptible saints; her body is venerated at the basilica named for her in Cascia, Italy.


As she breathed her last, Rita’s final words to the sisters who gathered around her were,

“Remain in the holy love of Jesus.

Remain in obedience to the holy Roman Church.

Remain in peace and fraternal charity.”


The incorrupt body of St. Rita at Basilica of St Rita in Cascia, Italy.


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A closer look at the incorrupt face of St Rita of Cascia

St Rita passed on to Heaven on 22nd May 1457

562 years ago




I had a lovely experience with St Rita in my previous suburb.  Someone had come to me for support and prayer because her husband was dying of cancer.  Eventually her husband did pass away peacefully.  His wife visited me again and said she had something she would like to give me saying it was an image of Mary.  She was not Catholic

A few weeks later there was a large wrapped parcel on my front verandah, obviously a picture.  When I opened it, it was not Our Lady but a large framed image of St Rita of Cascia.  I could not thank her because I did not know where she lived, nor her family name.  I am never invasive with people who might come to me.

 Not long after a young man called on me whom I had supported while he was in jail.  When he saw the image of St Rita, he was amazed because apparently I had sent him while in jail an image of St Rita with a prayer on the back which had brought him comfort he said while he was in jail.  He took a rather crumpled image out of his wallet of St Rita I had sent him to show to me .  He said he would always carry it with him.  It was the precise image of St Rita I had in the large frame.  Eventually I gave it to him.  He had grown very attached to St Rita.  He was Catholic and some time later began to practise again. 




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