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Opening of new Christ Cathedral (formerly Crystal Cathedral)

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I don't hate it.

I do question why the tabernacle looks like some kids painted it.

Do I prefer this to a traditional style cathedral? No way. But, I do try to see the beauty in all things--including modern design and architecture. I also see the ecumenical beauty in taking over a former Protestant church.

Update: Found an old thread discussing this way back in 2011 before the diocese bought it:


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Looks like the inside of a refrigerator. All the stoneworks, look cold. Blank but not blank, minimalistic. Although with all the glass it's likely very hard and expensive to keep cool in summer.

So many clashes of design. The crucifix, clashes with the tabernacle. The bottom of the tabernacle clashes with the top. The top of the tabernacle clashes with e v e r y t h i n g. The stations of the Cross clash with the crucifix and tabernacle.

It's not ugly over all but it's not beautiful.

I wonder if Mass here feels like a indoor outdoor Mass. Would I need my Ray-Ban's®?


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I also appreciate the ecumenical gesture. I like the station of the cross depicted, too. The place is, uh, very bright.

I find the "baldacchino" kind of weird. Is that even supposed to be one? A baldacchino hiding in plain sight? Split into a gigantic door frame and a hanging rectangle? Pretending it's something else?

Not going to say anything about the tabernacle. It speaks for itself...

Look, if you're going to drop 76 million dollars on a cathedral, there should be no excuse - none - for not making the entire thing as beautiful as you can. There are craftsmen enough to build something worthy for the ages at that price point. Unfortunately, that continues to seem too hard. The trend is to make it "accessible", while rejecting the fact that the beautiful is inherently accessible.

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 Well, they really didn't have anything pretty to work with from the beginning. But it is an improvement overall I guess. It still looks modern and cold and sterile though...  I think they could have possibly tried a bit harder, creatively, to make it look more Catholic, traditional looking-ish than it is now. I mean, the outside is pretty hopeless and that's just how it is, but the interior---it could be worked with, and they tried…  I guess?

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the first "televangelist" back in the 1950's and the person who Reverend Robert Schuller said was his inspiration to go on television, Archbishop Sheen preaches three messages from the former sanctuary before the Crystal Cathedral was constructed. This video is now more pertinent than ever considering that the Roman Catholic Church now owns the property and has completed a loving multi-million dollar restoration of the Aboretum (the old sanctuary) and is in the midst of renovating the Crystal Cathedral (now Christ Cathedral)


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