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Daughters of Mary of Nazareth

Kayte Postle

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Does anyone know them? Has anyone discerned with them? They have quite a bit of information on their website and a few great videos about their community. Initial inquiry is done via snail mail, and I wrote them a few days ago so I've got some time to wait and hear back from them. I'm just curious about learning more about them than whats on the website. 

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I don't know them personally, but I know quite a lot about the spirituality and life of Bl. Charles de Foucauld (Little Brother Charles of Jesus), which inspired the foundation of this community. As with the other communities patterned after his life (there are several, but the Little Sisters and Little Brothers of Jesus are the best known), I expect 'Nazareth' in the community's name does not just refer to the place where Jesus grew up, but encapsulates their spiritual life - Nazareth to Br. Charles meant hiddenness (Jesus lived there in obscurity for thirty years), a life of simple and often manual work (he was a carpenter), a life centred on family, and evangelism by simply living rather than speaking (Br. Charles believed that Jesus had as much to teach us by his silence as by his speech). Reconciliation and unity were also important to Br. Charles, and as this community was founded by an Iraqi sister who lived through multiple wars, I suspect this is something that attracted her. But she'll have to speak for herself on that. :)

Look at Br. Charles's Prayer of Abandonment. It is a beautiful prayer for anyone, but especially for anyone who is searching for their path in life.

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Thanks for sharing the information @beatitude

I just got off the phone with Mother Olga! She is so sweet, kind, and very present with you when you are talking to her. She gave me some more information that I'll share with you all. They have a daily hour of adoration, daily mass. The pray the Office of Readings, Lauds, Vespers, and Compline together as a community, among other community prayers. Mother Olga was very specific about their apostolates being for the most part in public institutions, places where they can bring the presence of Christ. I loved to hear that! They do have family visits before and after the novitiate, as well as twice monthly phone calls and letters. If anyone is interested in contacting them, don't be afraid of the snail mail! 

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