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"Sisters for Christian Community"???

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The Sisters for Christian Community is non-canonical, which means they do not have official ecclesial approbation. Many of their original members--going back to 1970--had been members of canonical communities, but chose this form of life after leaving their congregations. Women who joined SFCC left their former communities for a number of reasons, and many have remained in cordial relationship with those congregations.

At this point, they have members who have never belonged to canonical communities (that is, they join SFCC directly), and are ecumenical--that is, some of their members are Christian but not Catholic. They are international and rather diverse. I know a number of  members of this community, many of whom do work in institutional Catholic ministries. 

Some SFCCs have taken private vows, in addition to their community vows. Some still consider themselves bound by the canonical vows they took in their former congregations. In other words, it is hard to generalize about the members, though most are committed to social justice and all are committed to prayer.

You can read more about them at: https://www.sfccinternational.org/

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Well, the original members, and the vast majority of the current members, are Catholic. But it is noncanonical, and now admits other Christian women as members. Certainly, the Catholic members are in full communion with the Church. The two SFCCs I know best, for instance, are daily Communicants.

There is no prohibition on belonging to ecumenical organizations, after all. The Catholic members are (obviously) comfortable with the state of things. But if you are looking for a canonical congregation, this is probably not for you. 


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I know one person who is a member.  She was formerly a cloistered nun - I think a Carmelite.  She is deeply religious and very spiritual.  She spent many days after 9/11 at the Javits center counseling berieved relatives.  She gives all her money away except for what she absolutely needs to put  aroof over her head and food on her table.  While she has a job and an apartment, her friends took up a collection for a retirement for her.  There is a trustee because we know well she would give all the money to people in need and never think of herself.  She is an exceptional woman and a religious sister in all the ways that count.  I don't know why she is not a member of a congregation but her life seeems to suit her well and she regards herself as a sister.

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