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For those who liked to watch reception ceremonies

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Thank you Gloriana. I've met Sr Stacey a couple of times. She made her final vows a few years ago with the Sisters of St Peter Claver, so it looks as though she is now discerning whether to transfer to the Redemptoristines.

For those wondering... a religious who has made perpetual vows in one congregation can ask to transfer them to another. With the agreement of both orders, they start living with the new one, and enter a period of discernment and formation with them. This needs to last for at least 3 years - and can be longer - before they can ask to transfer their vows, meaning they now make perpetual vows in their new community.

It sometimes happens that the transfer candidate "discerns out", so to speak, in that she realises (or is helped to realise) that she isn't called to the new community. She might then return to her original community - or maybe she discerns that she needs to leave religious life altogether. I've seen or known of both these scenarios happening, as well as sisters transferring and being very happy in the new congregation. We have several sisters who have transferred to us.

I would just add, though, that with a transfer process, every arrival means a departure somewhere else. The women who have transferred to us have enriched us, and their prayerful decision to join us is a cause of great joy - but in the process they have left another congregation whose life they'd shared for maybe 10, 12, 15, 20 or more years. In that time, they might have inspired newer vocations or held a position of responsibility, so their departure can be very upsetting. 

So when you watch this video, do pray for Stacey, as she settles in and begins this new searching and discernment, but also say a prayer for any Sisters of St Peter Claver who will be especially affected by her decision.

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I know a young professed sister who transferred from an active order to a contemplative order.  It must have been a jarring experience for her sisters in active life and yet a Joy too that she was following God's Will for her journey.  She was such a blessing to the contemplative order as they were short on vocations, very short, and the sisters in the community were in advanced years.  To have a young sister was a great blessing for them and courageous of her.  She was a really willing worker among other blessings she brought.  She is still there today - many years indeed since her transfer.   Deo Gratius. Laudate Dominum.

Really lovely and simple Live Adoration site on the Redemptorist Nuns' website.

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