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A Rural Evangelical Pastor Helps Community Overcome COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy


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yesterday while running errands listened to news segment about how one pastor in kentucky was trying to bring a religious perspective to vaccines


thought I'd bring up the topic (of vaccines) because what came to mind is in modern society the BIG problem is false teachings of prosperity theology which is intertwined w/ politics




as I see things various entrenched false beliefs prevent people from understanding complex scientific topics like global climate change,...












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Pope Francis: To love like Christ means saying ‘no’ to love of money, vanity, power

Pope Francis said Sunday that loving like Christ requires a rejection of the worldly loves of money, success, vanity, and power.

“To love like Christ means saying 'no' to other ‘loves’ that the world offers us: love of money – those who love money do not love as Jesus loves -- love of success, vanity, of power,” the pope said from the window of the Apostolic Palace on May 9.

“These deceptive paths of ‘love’ distance us from the Lord’s love and lead us to become more and more selfish, narcissistic, overbearing. And being overbearing leads to a degeneration of love, to the abuse of others, to making our loved ones suffer.”

In his Regina Caeli address, the pope told pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square that “Jesus asks us to abide in his love,” not in “our own self-worship.”

“Those who dwell in self-worship, live in the mirror, always looking at themselves,” he said.

The pope said that Jesus desires “us to overcome the pretense of controlling and managing others,” and wants to open hearts to self-giving love for others.

“To love as Jesus means to offer yourself in service, at the service of your brothers and sisters, as he did in washing the feet of the disciples,” he said.

“It also means going outside of ourselves, detaching ourselves from our own human certainties, from earthly comforts, in order to open ourselves up to others, especially those in greater need. It means making ourselves available, as we are and with what we have.”




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