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St. Mary Sisters


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On 10/25/2021 at 12:33 PM, dominicansoul said:

In my humble opinion, how blessed we would be if several of these convents popped up everywhere!  Please, put one in my backyard, Lord!  :smile3:  I would love praying there with Sisters! 

Even if a Sister "wanted to be in control" like you hypothesize, God can still use her for His wondrous deeds.  None of us are perfect, but yet, He still uses us to fulfill His will... Godspeed to this community I hope and pray for it's perseverance!  

Well..would someone please pray, that Washington State became more populated with religious communities..Benedictine for one..that is not located in the Eastern part, such as "Spokane"; or on one of our San Juan islands such as "Our lady of the rock monastery"!

More Convents here please!! ;-)

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