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Trees For Life, an initiative inspired by Pope Francis’ environmental themed encyclical “Laudato Si”


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In the diocese newspaper noticed an article about a tree planting program at various catholic schools, at homes of parishioners from local churches, etc. 




Although well intentioned, tree planting programs and annual earth day celebrations have not done much to address the ever growing amount of environmental damage.


The inconvenient truth is problems with the global environment will continue to worsen until a majority of people wake up to the fact that each gallon of gasoline put into an engine essentially releases about 20 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere (which creates a greenhouse effect) AND that the average tree in the tropics sequesters on average 50 pounds of CO2 each year.

Basically humanity is polluting the atmosphere much, much, much faster than nature can clean things up,... which in turn causes many inadvertent effects.


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