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Roe v. Wade - My Body, My Choice?


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Others say: A pregnant woman has the right to determine what to do with her own body, including whether to carry a fetus to term and deliver a living human being, or abort the fetus. 

I reply: A woman does have the right to determine what to do with her own body, but the fetus is not her bodyThe fetus is within her body; the fetus is attached to her body; but the fetus is not her body. The fetus has only half of the woman's DNA; the other half is from the father; therefore, the fetus is not the same as the mother/woman. If a woman wants her ears pierced, she's having her own DNA pierced; if she wants breast reduction surgery, it's her DNA; if she wants a facelift, it's her DNA. But the fetus is only half of her DNA. 

A woman has the right to determine what to do with her own body, including whether or not to engage in sexual acts that may result in pregnancy, and whether or not to use birth control. But once the fetus exists, it should have its own rights and legal protections. 

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I would add a caveat to this that the male person, father, should be held to fully account for the consequences pf the pregnancy from the moment the pregnancy is known and onwards.

There are many cases in which the availability of abortion is used to pressure women to have them, since its their way out of unwanted consequences.  Since abortion is available the woman is left with the choice to carry out the pregnancy or not, and thus to live with the consequences of her choice by herself.

A man who does not want to pay child support will be tempted to coherce the woman to have an abortion simply because it is an easy option for him, amd discard the needs or preferences of the woman.  These men exercise an extremely and particularly dark evil - may God have mercy on them amd us all.

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