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Roe v. Wade - Lack of Support for Women


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Others say: Women need abortions when they have no support. 

I reply: The US government provides a broad range of support for citizens in financial need, including mothers and children. Free public health care is provided at the county level (using federal funds). Housing assistance is provided. Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is an effective nutritional program designed specifically for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children up to school age and includes other kinds of medical exams (head size, growth rate, etc.). Aid to Families with Dependent Children AFDC (often called simply "welfare") provides financial assistance to parents for their children up to 18, and even older if the children are still in college. K-12 education if free in every school district in this nation; Pell grants provide at least two years of college education virtually free. The tax deduction for children fluctuates, but it is always there, and has been for decades. The federal government is now considering providing a guaranteed minimum income, too - some states already do this. 

Additionally, adoption is always an option. If a woman feels she is incapable of raising a child - financially, emotionally, socially, or any other way - she can allow her child to be adopted. 

In my own experience, when women have told me, "I felt like I didn't have the kind of support I needed," they have often meant, "I didn't want to tell my family" or "I didn't want to disappoint my family" or "The government support would not provide me the same amount of disposable income I'm accustomed to having." And many families who at first seemed unsupportive do, in fact, provide for their child or grandchild (niece, nephew, cousin, etc.) once the child has been born. 

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They don't have support - THEN FIX THAT AND GIVE THEM SUPPORT!

Abortion in this frame persists in victimizing women, not the other way around.  It is an easy awnser to forego providing support to the woman.

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