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They are in schism.  They were excommunicated by Bishop Sheridan several years ago.  If you ask them, they will deny it.  But if you call up the diocese of Colorado Springs, they will confirm it.  

As Bishop Sheridan said at the time, those faithful who, knowing the decree of the bishop, continue to participate or support that community, place themselves outside the One, True Church.

They temporarily had faculties, for a couple years, around 89-91, but then those faculties were removed.

The validity of the ordinations of all priests there, except for Fr. Ward, are contested.  But even if the others are real priests, all of them (including Fr. Ward) lack the faculties to hear confessions - so confessions are invalid.  All of the marriages performed there are invalid.  There are stories online you can read about people learning that after the fact...  Confirmations are also invalid.  They were performed without the permission of the diocesan bishop (see Canons 886, 887).  Holy Eucharist, for those validly ordained, would be valid, but illicit.

There's another parish very close by that is legitimate and also celebrates the TLM.

If you want to know more, please send me a private message.

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2 hours ago, PadrePio said:

any one heard about this community of priests who celebrate TLM?

If it's the ones in Colarado Springs, they're connected to the Carmelite Sisters who aren't in communion with Rome. They're also not listed on the Diocese website.

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