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Dominican Nuns in Linden, Virginia

Lady Grey, Hot

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The website for this group of Dominican nuns piqued my interest. If anyone is familiar with them, would it be possible for you to give me a read on, for lack of a better term, the "personality" of the community? I saw another thread on here which described them as "very traditional," and I was just wondering exactly how that looks. 


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I would also be very interested to know if anyone has experience with them. I have done some research on Dominican communities but never came across this one- thanks for putting them on my radar!

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A friend's daughter is in this community and as far as i know is very happy.  I've visited twice just to pray with them with several other lay Dominicans and my family. The grounds are lovely and it's a nice part of Virginia.  Very secluded.  I would say for sure they are more traditional but not in a 'rad trad' way if that makes sense.

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