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Theology of the Body Apostolate


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I've been thinking and praying on this, and was wondering if there are any communities that deal with Theology of the Body as part of their apostolate? I know that the Panhandle Franciscans have that as a major part of their work, as well as I think the Sisters of Life have it included in their pro-life focus.  Does anyone know of any other communities?


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The minute I read your post I thought of Sr Helena Burns of the Daughters of St Paul. She was the first person I ever hear mention theology of the body! 

She also had a blog on the subject but she doesn't post much. https://hellburns.blogspot.com/ (but certainly has a sense of humor). I don't know if it's a part of their apostolate per se, but I know very little about them on the whole. But I found this article about a website they helped set up, so it must be an interest at least https://www.paoline.org/site/new-web-site-theology-of-the-bodya-vocation-of-love/?lang=en


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