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Carmelites Leave Brooklyn


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Thank you, DNB.  It did take me around the paywall :) 

Other than that...............

 "If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first.  If you belonged to the world, the world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and I have chosen you out of the world, the world hates you. Remember the word I spoke to you, 8 'No slave is greater than his master.' If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours.  And they will do all these things to you on account of my name, 9 because they do not know the one who sent me. (John Chapter 15 https://www.vatican.va/archive/ENG0839/__PXN.HTM )


Persecution in one form or another, in all forms in fact, is almost a badge of discipleship. :nun2:  I dont think that that means that we do not struggle against persecution and call it out for the injustice and form/actuality of brutality that it is...........it does mean, however, that there is some Joy in it all, if only in the will.

I do rejoice that these Carmelites have found a home where they can live in Peace and in Quiet, so necessary/essential for their particular call and vocation.   I Hope that The Lord will ease any pain on it becoming necessary they shift out of Brooklyn where they were at home.

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Lovely article!  I could identify with it having to shift out of my lovely 2 bedroom unit (physical mobility failing on me at 77 years of age).  I knew the "bitter sweet" of my shift.  Bitter for so many reasons and sweet because despite the bitterness of it all, it was an indication that The Lord still had me in mind, despite a Mt. Lofty of doubts on my part, even though what He was asking was bundled in mystery and 'bitterness'. :) 

I too had to cull my belongings down to a bare minimum since I would have only one room in this lovely aged persons' home.  My brother commented that I always did want to enter monastic life and now, nearing the end of my journey probably, The Lord had granted my desire in a strange sort of way.  Rather, though I passed no comment on his observation, I had wanted to start a new way of committed Catholic Christian life in community in the Laity.  I had no offers! :hehe2:  Oh Lord, Thy Ways are strange and Thy Will is hard at times.  "Therefore, just as through one person sin entered the world, and through sin, death, and thus death came to all, inasmuch as all sinned" Romans Chapter 5

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the LORD.As high as the heavens are above the earth, so high are my ways above your ways and my thoughts above your thoughts. For just as from the heavens the rain and snow come down And do not return there till they have watered the earth, making it fertile and fruitful, Giving seed to him who sows and bread to him who eats, So shall my word be that goes forth from my mouth; It shall not return to me void, but shall do my will, achieving the end for which I sent it." Isiah Chapter 55

May The Good Lord bless these nuns with a Peace and Joy that surpasses all understanding. Amen.

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