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“Faith, Morality, Law. Education and Liberty” - The DNA of a free nation.


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the National Monument to the Forefathers may be the most complex and self-consciously Christian landmark in the United States It is a monument which begins with the faith of the Pilgrims in England and concludes with their landing on Plymouth Rock.  



Faith stands resolute and unwavering adorned by the four symbols which defined the philosophy of Pilgrim and Founding Father alike:

1. The Word of God as Revelation - Faith holds the open Bible in her hand. 

2. Christ as the Hope of Mankind  - Faith’s finger is pointed to Heaven representative of the Pilgrim belief that there was one path to redemption, and one mediator between God and man, Jesus Christ. 

3. Reason as the Tool of Freedom - The star in the forehead of Faith is a symbol of honor and a reminder that the Pilgrims believed that the regenerate mind was obliged to begin with the foundation of Biblical revelation, and apply reason to all of life. 

4. The firm foundations of American freedom are represented by Faith stepping forward with her left foot on Plymouth Rock. This was a nod to the doctrine of Providence - the belief held by Christian reformers and Pilgrims alike, that God governs and directs the affairs of men.


Around Faith are four seated statues each of which represents the necessary elements which the Pilgrims and America’s founders believed a prerequisite for a nation to experience freedom and prosperity - Morality, Law, Education, and Liberty.

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