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Fransican Friars of the Renewal.


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Andy, (and I know I don't have to tell you this, I just want to say it for my own security) don't rule anything out.

I have an awesome holy friend who spent 2 weeks this past summer with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal in NYC & he didn't have an awesome time BUT he still agrees that they are awesome. He had the same opinion as you & the others who have posted here about how awesome they are, but upon visiting them & living with them, he knew God wasn't calling him there.

They may be awesome like y'all think, but what if God isn't calling you there? Don't forget that there are all the other orders who don't get all the hype - Carmelites are one. But they're friggin' awesome. Mother Angelica's community gets hype, too, but not enough. Poor Clares. Diocesan priest or brother.


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Oh awesome order. I considered them shortly before I discerned that my call was to the diocesan priesthood. You will be in my prayers.
God Bless,

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Pax...AfroNova...I appriciate that. And I thank everyone for praying for me. My gguardian Angel has told me that I may be called to the diocesen priesthood...but also maybe even to the married life...I love confussion, especially when it is understanding God's will, because all-in-all it isn't confussing, just hard to see.

Totus Tuus,

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