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Look at all of them!


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All the new postulants with the Nashville Dominicans!!!
Look at them all!! God is really doing some wonderful stuff in the hearts of young women!!!!

The girl in the second row all the way to the right posted on pm before her entrance in august as Saint Someday :)

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[quote name='ForHimAlone' date='Dec 15 2004, 05:43 PM'] Aren't they the fastest growing convent in the U.S.? [/quote]
if they aren't they must be pretty close

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Hey Everyone! Andrea, thank you so much for posting that picture! I coresponded with Emily (2nd row, 2nd to the left) and Julie aka SaintSomeday (2nd row, last on the right) this summer before they entered and they are wonderful souls! When I visited the Nashville Sisters in October, I got to hang out with Emily and Julie a bit and they were so happy! I was amazed at how many postulants they got this year....may they continue to have healthy and happy vocations!


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