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What orders are you considering/with?

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[quote name='Catholictothecore' date='Feb 14 2005, 05:46 PM']
Hehe. They're at Holy Hill, WI. It's the largest monastery in America in terms of annual pilgrimages, so I can sneak one of those in as well. [/quote]
I've been there! :D I'd like to go back again.

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[quote name='MilesChristi' date='Feb 15 2005, 05:05 PM'] I'm considering the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal or diocesan priesthood. [/quote]
Cool... isn't Father Groeschel a member of that order? Which makes them Capuchins, right? I could be totally off, but for some reason I know that order. God bless :)

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[quote name='jgirl' date='Feb 16 2005, 12:35 PM'] Fr. Groeschel is a member of that order...

so are some of my friends! I would definitely recommend them or the CFR sisters to anybody who is discerning! [/quote]
My friend, Mary, might be entering with the CFR Sisters this September. It's so exciting. It's like she was made for their charism!

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[quote name='ForHimAlone' date='Feb 15 2005, 07:20 AM'] I've never had the privilege of making it down to Holy Hill, but it's only a few hours away from my home. It is supposed to be absolutely tremendous!! [/quote]
gosh, that makes a few of us only a little ways away from there!

check out the order houses at [url="http://ocdfriarvocations.org"]http://ocdfriarvocations.org[/url]. They have the most...gorgeous pic of the monastery at sunset! And a good one of it during spring as well. Even if I don't join the Discalced Carmelites, that's a place I have to go someday.

Oh! Did you know every year there's a St. Don Bosco youth day at Holy Hill, anyone?

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We just had the opportunity to have some of the Fransciscan Friars in our town for YOUTH2000...they are amazing!!! and would recommend all males to consider looking at them...and for the females, i heard the sisters are amazing as well..but i have yet to check them out...

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I am a seminarian studying for the to be a diocesan priest. I considered several orders, including the CFR (by the way for those talking about Fr. Groeschel he is not just the a CFR he is their founder) , and still may end up in an order someday. But for now i believe I am called to be a diocesan priest. Into days world, their are so few parish priest and so many people in the parishes who don't get the spirtual guidance and leadership they need. Someone once said in a world where a large percent of parishoners don't know their faith diocesan priest are the new missionaries. It also is hard life, but it one worth the work.
God Bless,

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