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Our Call....


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K, it's been on my mind most of the day, so I'm sneaking online to post this idea I had during biology.

We are all discerning vocations, but we all have them in varying ways. Some marriage, some lay apostolate, others consecrated life, others preisthood. But we all share the same call from God to pray for the world. All day this has been simmering in my mind, and a few other things as well. Really, since I read about Sr. Lucias' death yesterday.

We are called as a Chuch....
to pray for the world that has made it clear it will do no such thing
to honor and worship God for ourselves and the world that refuses to do so
to do penance for the world because it refuses to do so
to love each other and the world with the love that the Sacred Heart of Jesus has
to do all things to glorify the Father, and by doing so, we will become like Christ
to serve each other with the love of Christ
to honor Mary our Mother because Christ did
to be the salt of the earth, light in the darkness, living saints,
to obey our legal and rightful superiors
to chastity (even married people are chaste with one exception)
to poverty in spirit, if not in spirit

the list could go on and on, and all would apply, wether we are married, lay, conscrated, or priests. So, let us start [i][b]now[/i][/b], as in [b]THIS VERY MOMENT[/b] to love and honor our God because he deserves it. This is truly our vocation.

I will pray for you, and you will, I know, pray for me.
Pax Christi,

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Catholictothehardcore, don't know your first name, though I should!

Anyways, you seem like a relaly great person! And I would like to get to know you better!

Know you are in my prayers, and you have great thoughts.

Would I be able to use your posting in a future publication of AMS publications>?

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That was beautiful. One important correction though.

[quote]to chastity (even married people are chaste with one exception)[/quote]

We are all called to chastity and married people should be chaste in all ways! Sex isn't an exception to chastity, it too must be practiced chastely. You are thinking of celibacy, not chastity. And even some married people are called to celibacy and live like brother and sister, but very few.

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this has a great message....i've been thinking about sr. lucia so much and how long she lived and what her vocation was.....

sr. lucia, pray for us! :wub: since im sure shes in heaven with Our Lady, and her cousins forever now! :D

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